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Welcome to
Monet Renditions.the

Your #1 source for affordable, custom made,
oil renditions of Monet's works!

Admit it, it is much more enjoyable to stare at original works of art rather than prints. However, the high cost of well known artists' originals prevents many people from making purchases. This means that most people must rely on galleries and museums to view original pieces. There is, however, an affordable alternative that you may have overlooked...

Monet, 1860

...Renditions are reproductions, but they are also original works, which means they have the great texture and color that you see in the galleries. Renditions can also be very affordable if they are made by amateurs.

Tim Walz, a 30-year old, amateur artist from St. Paul, Minnesota, has been creating Monet reproductions since 1997 (several can be viewed on this site).

Walz's renditions became an immediate success with people in the St. Paul area. Now, thanks to the internet, they are also available to you!

Walz, 2001

All renditions are custom made, which means that you select the painting and the size!

For answers to the most commonly asked questions and to learn more about how this process works, click on the side link entitled, "Frequently Asked Questions".


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